• Additive to rubbers and plastics
Ion fluids are used as accelerants in the vulcanization of elastomers. Their application is capable of reducing the vulcanization time of elastomer compounds and significantly increase the density of vulcanizer cross-linking.
  • Wood processing
Ion fluids can also be used in an ecological method of pulping wood. It allows to limit the influence of the cellulose and paper industry on the natural environment. It has been determined, that it is possible to dissolve components of wood into fractions rich in cellulose and pure lignin in an ion fluid solution and mild temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Application in batteries
Ion fluids have also found application in the manufacturing of high capacity batteries. The change from conventional electrolyte to an electrolyte based on ion fluids allows to double the capacity of batteries and super capacitors – very high voltage and volume capacitors often used in hybrid and electric cars and electrical circuits in the energy industry.
  • Biocide products
Ion fluids are particularly good in dealing with bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Often added to, e.g. acne salves, they are a component of formulas used to fight pimples. By appropriately modifying ion fluids it is possible to achieve a formula with a heightened biocide effect, harmless to humans and homoeothermic animals. A sweet, biocide ion fluid with a pleasant smell can also be a component of tooth pastes and mouth wash. Ion fluids with a lactate anion can be added to soaps and shower gels and liquids, and in higher concentrations to, e.g. bathroom cleaning products and surgical tool disinfection preparations.
  • Surface-active agents
Ion fluids have stronger surface properties compared to compounds commonly called surface-active agents.
  • Application in paper manufacturing
Ion fluids are also studied in terms of limiting the growth of microorganisms in the paper manufacturing process, in finished products, as well as during storage in libraries, archives and museums. It has been proven that ion fluids are compounds, which effectively secure various kinds of paper against the harmful effects of bacteria, yeast and algae, without altering the paper’s properties.
  • Synthesis
Recently ion fluids have become an alternative to volatile organic solvents, due to the possibility of their application as a biocatalysis and conventional synthesis environment.