Research and development

As a pioneer in the commercial synthesis of dendrimer materials and ion fluids in Poland we encourage you to become familiar with our newest products with numerous potential applications. We are a company focused on new technologies and products with a very high level of innovation. Carrying out synthesis of dendrimer polymers and ion fluids at a micro scale, we continuously conduct research to discover new applications for those compounds.
Taking advantage of the company’s many years of experience and the knowledge of our specialists, we search for new solutions in various branches of industry, biomedicine and material engineering using dendrimer polymer and ion fluid technology.
We wish to offer you our newest products in the DendrikDelta line, as well as BA and DDA ion fluids. DendrikDelta is a hyperbranched dendrimer polymer with broad applications in industry, medicine, material engineering, cosmetology and many other areas, which are still in the phase of intense research. Another innovative product with varied and unique physical and chemical properties are our BA and DDA ion fluids.

We invite you to cooperation!.